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Applied Survey Methods

RRP $337.99

<b>A complete, hands-on guide to the use of statistical methods for obtaining reliable and practical survey research</b> <p> <p> <i>Applied Survey Methods</i> provides a comprehensive outline of the complete survey process, from design to publication. Filling a gap in the current literature, this one-of-a-kind book describes both the theory and practical applications of survey research with an emphasis on the statistical aspects of survey methods. <p> The book begins with a brief historic overview of survey research methods followed by a discussion that details the needed first steps for carrying out a survey, including the definition of a target population, the selection of a sampling frame, and the outline of a questionnaire with several examples that include common errors to avoid in the wording of questions. Throughout the book, the author provides an accessible discussion on the methodological problems that are associated with the survey process, outlining real data and examples while also providing insight on the future of survey research. Chapter coverage explores the various aspects of the survey process and the accompanying numerical techniques, including: <ul> <li> <div>Simple and composite sampling designs</div> <li> <div>Estimators</div> <li> <div>Data collection and editing</div> <li> <div>The quality of results</div> <li> <div>The non-response problem</div> <li> <div>Weighting adjustments and methods</div> <li> <div>Disclosure control</div> </ul> <p> The final chapter addresses the growing popularity of Web surveys, and the associated methodological problems are discussed, including solutions to common pitfalls. Exercises are provided throughout with selected answers included at the end of the book, while a related Web site features additional solutions to exercises and a downloadable demo version of the Blaise system of computer-assisted interviewing. Access to the freely available SimSam software is also available on the related Web site and provides readers with the tools needed to simulate samples from finite populations as well as visualize the effects of sample size, non-response, and the use of different estimation procedures. <p> <i>Applied Survey Methods</i> is an excellent book for courses on survey research and non-response in surveys at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. It is also a useful reference for practicing statisticians and survey methodologists who work in both government and private research sectors.

A Survey Of Computational Physics

RRP $137.95

Computational physics is a rapidly growing subfield of computational science, in large part because computers can solve previously intractable problems or simulate natural processes that do not have analytic solutions. The next step beyond Landau's "First Course in Scientific Computing" and a follow-up to Landau and Paez's "Computational Physics," this text presents a broad survey of key topics in computational physics for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students, including new discussions of visualization tools, wavelet analysis, molecular dynamics, and computational fluid dynamics. By treating science, applied mathematics, and computer science together, the book reveals how this knowledge base can be applied to a wider range of real-world problems than computational physics texts normally address.

Designed for a one- or two-semester course, "A Survey of Computational Physics" will also interest anyone who wants a reference on or practical experience in the basics of computational physics. The text includes a CD-ROM with supplementary materials, including Java, Fortran, and C programs; animations; visualizations; color figures; interactive Java applets; codes for MPI, PVM, and OpenDX; and a PVM tutorial.Accessible to advanced undergraduates Real-world problem-solving approach Java codes and applets integrated with text Accompanying CD-ROM contains codes, applets, animations, and visualization files Companion Web site includes videos of lectures

Cobwebs From A Library Corner

RRP $16.99

A little bit of Thackeray, A little bit of Scott, A modicum of Dickens just To tangle up the plot, A paraphrase of Marryat, Another from Dumas- You ask me for a novel, sir, And I say, there you are. The pen is greater than the sword, Of that there is no doubt. The pen for me whene'er I wish An enemy to rout.

Surveying A Dynamical System

RRP $527.99

When a dynamical system has a large number of parameters it is not possible to get a completely comprehensive picture of all the types of behavior that it may display and one must be content with surveying the system along various corridors of lower dimension. Using an example with three differential equations and six parameters it is shown how the available methods of singularity theory, bifurcation analysis, normal forms, etc. can be used to build up a picture of varied and interesting behavior. The model is a generalization of the Gray-Scott reaction scheme in a single stirred vessel to a two-phase reactor consisting of a reaction chamber and a reservoir communicating with each other through a semi-permeable membrane. Two forms exist according as to whether A is fed to the reactor and B to the reservoir or vice-versa, and show interesting differences of behavior. Both models undergo Hopf bifurcations, pitchfork transitions, have homoclinic orbits, take the period doubling route to chaos and one gets there by intermittency.
Besides being of interest to mathematicians as an ecological study of a differentiable system, it is hoped that, though idealized, the fact that it corresponds closely to a real type of reactor will make it attractive to control engineers and others as a testing ground for their various methods and devices. This book will be of particular interest to students and researchers in mathematics and engineering, particularly those working in bifurcation or chaos theory.


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